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    Welcome aboard the 428

    Stories from the 428 is a theatre project which takes its inspiration from travelling on the 428 bus route from the tourist hub of Circular Quay to the urban heart of Canterbury. Written by award winning and emerging playwrights, this is a celebration of the communities that live and work along this bus line…

    Two groups of playwrights will travel on the 428 bus route from Circular Quay from the 1st February to the 14th February- experiencing the everchanging landscape of the City/Marrickville area and it’s community. From these trips the writers have a 24 hour period within to submit a scene or vignette inspired by the trip- which will be round tabled, developed and curated into a full length play.

    Frequently funny and sometimes sad, this two week season is a love letter to the local area - written about and for people who experience bus travel as a part of their everyday lives. Penned by some of Sydney’s most celebrated playwrights inconjunction with the best of the emerging underground- this is a unique and diverse theatre project highlighting the importance of community and finding inspiration in the everyday.

    Week 1

    The Writers are:

    Vanessa Bates, Kit Brookman, Rebecca Clarke,  Sime Knezevic, Ned Manning, Brooke Robinson, Alison Rooke and Phil Spencer.

    The directors are:

    Zoe Carides, Glenn Hazeldine, Augusta Supple, Ian Zammit

    Week 2

    The Writers are:

    Donna Abela, Tahli Corin, Matt Edgerton, Joanna Erskine, Lexi Frieman, Noelle Janaczewska, Patrick Lenton,  Jasper Marlow.

    The directors are:

    Anne-Maree Magi, Scott Selkirk, Ngaire O’Leary, Augusta Supple

    The aims of the project:

    • To celebrate the history of Sydney’s community along the 428 bus route
    • To encourage high profile theatre practitioners artists based in the inner-west area to create work for and about the community that.
    • To provide new local theatre writing to the general public.
    • To create a dynamic and nurturing environment for the creation of new work.
    • To promote bus travel as a sustainable, environmentally friendly, safe and accessible method of transport

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